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A Love Letter For Yourself

An great exercise for loving yourself and self care, is writing a love letter to yourself. We can be so self critical and hard on ourselves and it’s important to take a moment out of your day and write down how you feel about yourself. I wrote one a couple of months ago and I plan on doing it again before the New Year is here. Self reflection is imperative to your growth. Here’s a snipet of what I wrote:

Dear Shaun,

Oh precious beauty – look how you’ve survived every storm! You’ve mastered the “getting up” after every fall. Your beauty, while evident to the eye, is unlike all the rest. For it radiates from within, from your giving soul and kind heart. Never change that part of you. Let it shine forth like the sun awakens each morning. And you’re such a wonderful mother – the mother you always wanted. Present, kind, slow to anger, and nurturing. You’ve healed yourself by giving your babies what you needed when  you were younger. Bravo, resilient queen. For you did not allow your pain to make you bitter. You allowed it to make you better. The young girl inside you is at rest now and the woman you’ve always wanted to be, now thrives! Keep shining, keep bending with the wind as every storm passes. You, within all your glory, will continue to renew yourself with the love you so freely give to others. Know your worth. I love you…

Your letter should esteem you, salute you, and make you feel good about the person that you are now and who you would like to become. Zero criticism is allowed in your letter. Pour your heart out to yourself, express yourself, be kind to the beautiful person that you are now. Also, put the letter in a safe place so you can go back and read it again later or read it again when you’re going through a difficult time in life. The letter will help remind you of your worth, how far you have come in life, and that you are deserving of love.


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