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Bend, Don’t Break

We are going to go through times in our lives that may be difficult and leave us wondering what lies ahead. It’s an uncomfortable feeling that can bring you down and you may feel alone, overwhelmed, and tired. I had lunch with a dear friend today who is over “it” as well. When I mean “it”, I mean life in general. She feels as if everything is crashing down around her and she just doesn’t have the will or energy to stay focused or positive. I get it and I’ve been there myself but you have to remember, life isn’t about what happens to you, it’s how you react to it.

A great example of weathering storms successfully are bamboo trees. If you’ve ever noticed the wreckage after a great storm, you’ll usually find a great deal of debris, broken trees, and damaged property among other things. Well one of the reasons why bamboo can withstand most storms is that they bend with the storm. Usually most strong and sturdy trees break because they’re going against and fighting the storm. But the beautiful bamboo survives. That is what we must do through the storms in our lives. Bend, don’t break. There’s a big difference between giving up and surrendering to obstacles in life. When you give up, you throw in the towel and are negatively affected by the situation. However, when you surrender, you allow your Higher Power to take control, choose happiness, and try to see the good in the situation. Bend, don’t break beauty and allow the storms of life to shape you into something more beautiful and better than before the storm set in.


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