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Love Your Body

Love Your Body, Style Your Soul, True Beauty

Perfectly Imperfect

  Our bodies are perfectly imperfect. I’m sure you’ve see models in magazines and thought, “wow, she has the perfect body”, or “I wish my body looked like hers.” First off, those images are photo-shopped! Have you ever seen a model in a magazine with stretch marks, cellulite, or wrinkles? Probably not. That is one of the reasons why I chose to photograph myself in a bikini. As you can see, I have ...
A Grateful Heart, Love Your Body, Style Your Soul, True Beauty

The Determined Woman

I’m a determined woman. I’m determined to succeed, to win, and more importantly, to thrive. I don’t merely want to exist, survive, or just get by, I want to enjoy my life and to thrive in it. Are you determined? Are you determined to not just live life but to thrive in it? Because there is a big difference. Do you realize that you are special and that you are meant to live a wonderful life? I know that life isn’t ...
A Grateful Heart, Love Your Body, Style Your Soul, True Beauty

Happy Within

For years, I struggled to be happy. I struggled primarily because I constantly determined my happiness by my situation and where I was in life. My mentality was, “I’ll be happy when…” I’ll be happy when I get this job, finish school, make more money, move to a better house, or fall in love. I didn’t understand that happiness has absolutely NOTHING to do with your circumstances and that is what this post is ...
A Grateful Heart, Love Your Body, Style Your Soul, True Beauty

Wellness Wednesday

  Hello Loves! I wanted to share with you that I will be starting a new aspect to the blog, Wellness Wednesdays! Every Wednesday, I’ll be sharing a post focused on wellness. By wellness, I mean, the quality of your state of being and I will focus on your mental and physical state of being. For this Wellness Wednesday post, I’d like to share with you a very dark time in my life. A time when I was clinically depressed, had ...
A Grateful Heart, Love Your Body, Style Your Soul, True Beauty

Respect Yourself

Do you respect yourself? Do you have a deep regard for the woman that you are? Do you have boundaries for yourself or do you allow others to disrespect you? Do you care about yourself? Do you take care of your body and nurture your inner being? Do you respect your body with exercise and eating nutritious foods? Do you constantly give to others and never give back to yourself? Do you listen to your intuition and are you decisive with your ...
Love Your Body, Style Your Soul, True Beauty

The Healthy Struggle

The struggle is always so real for me to eat healthy! I workout on a regular basis and try to lead a very healthy and active lifestyle. But I must confess that I have a major sweet tooth. I literally CANNOT turn down a cookie, cupcake, or slice of pie. I always feel like life is just too short to turn down a cookie and I always say, “you only live once!” So that’s where balance comes in. I believe that everything should be ...
Love Your Body, Style Your Soul, True Beauty

Loving Your Body, Without Conditions

Many times we put limitations and conditions on the way we love our bodies. I’ve heard people say, “I would like my body more if I could just lose 10 or 15 pounds.” Or, “If I could just tone my arms, lose this belly, have a bigger butt, or get rid of these stretch marks, I would love my body more.” The truth is, there is no perfect time to love your body. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to make healthy ...
A Grateful Heart, Love Your Body, True Beauty

Good In & Good Out With Shantiva

Wellness is such an important aspect for our mental, physical, and emotional health. That’s why I’m so excited to share this beautiful copper water pitcher from Shantiva! I’m a firm believer that when you put good and healthy foods and water inside your body, it reflects on the outside. What I love about the copper pitcher is that it naturally alkaline(s) the water. It’s so amazing and there are so many wonderful ...
A Grateful Heart, Love Your Body, Style Your Soul, True Beauty

Reflections of A Woman

    As women, we must love ourselves. And loving ourselves involves identifying the good, the bad, and the ugly of who we are. It’s not always easy to address our issues but it is necessary to address them so that we can become our best selves. Three key aspects of loving yourself means accepting yourself unconditionally, forgiving those who may have harmed you, and choosing happiness despite your circumstances. I always try ...
Love Your Body, Style Your Soul, True Beauty

Strong Is The New Pretty

I’m a strong girl AND I love being told how pretty I am. I think that those are two compliments that I will never get tired of hearing. It’s so important to be a strong woman. Because strong is pretty, strong is beautiful, strong is intelligent, and strong is also flawed. I’ve been through my fair share of trials and tribulations and I’ve always come out the other side better, stronger, and more resilient. I read once ...