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Love Your Body

Love Your Body, Style Your Soul, True Beauty

Loving Your Body, Without Conditions

Many times we put limitations and conditions on the way we love our bodies. I’ve heard people say, “I would like my body more if I could just lose 10 or 15 pounds.” Or, “If I could just tone my arms, lose this belly, have a bigger butt, or get rid of these stretch marks, I would love my body more.” The truth is, there is no perfect time to love your body. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to make healthy ...
A Grateful Heart, Love Your Body, True Beauty

Good In & Good Out With Shantiva

Wellness is such an important aspect for our mental, physical, and emotional health. That’s why I’m so excited to share this beautiful copper water pitcher from Shantiva! I’m a firm believer that when you put good and healthy foods and water inside your body, it reflects on the outside. What I love about the copper pitcher is that it naturally alkaline(s) the water. It’s so amazing and there are so many wonderful ...
A Grateful Heart, Love Your Body, Style Your Soul, True Beauty

Reflections of A Woman

    As women, we must love ourselves. And loving ourselves involves identifying the good, the bad, and the ugly of who we are. It’s not always easy to address our issues but it is necessary to address them so that we can become our best selves. Three key aspects of loving yourself means accepting yourself unconditionally, forgiving those who may have harmed you, and choosing happiness despite your circumstances. I always try ...
Love Your Body, Style Your Soul, True Beauty

Strong Is The New Pretty

I’m a strong girl AND I love being told how pretty I am. I think that those are two compliments that I will never get tired of hearing. It’s so important to be a strong woman. Because strong is pretty, strong is beautiful, strong is intelligent, and strong is also flawed. I’ve been through my fair share of trials and tribulations and I’ve always come out the other side better, stronger, and more resilient. I read once ...
A Grateful Heart, Love Your Body, True Beauty

The Mind Body Connection

  Do you know that your body hears everything that your minds says? There is a mind body connection and it’s so important for you to think positively about your body and of yourself. What do you think about yourself? Are you loving, patient, and kind towards who you are? Or are you negative, judgmental, and not self confident? I have to be honest and say that that was me. At one point in my life, I had low self-esteem, was ...
Love Your Body, Style Your Soul, True Beauty

Living Beautifully

What is your life like? Is it beautiful? Are you happy with what you see? If you’re not happy, what would it have to look like for you in order to be beautiful? Henry David Thoreau said, “It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.” The truth is, there is beauty in your life if that’s what you see. For example, I have a two bedroom apartment for just my two beautiful little girls and I. It ...
Love Your Body, Style Your Soul, True Beauty

One Of A Kind

Your body is one of a kind and that is just one of the reasons why it is so beautiful! As women we are so critical of our bodies. We negate, degrade, and compare our bodies with other women and that is so disrespectful to ourselves. Your body doesn’t look like anyone else’s and that is why it is so special. There’s no need to look like the women in the magazines because the truth is, they don’t even look like ...
A Grateful Heart, Love Your Body, Style Your Soul, True Beauty

The Confident Woman

What does confidence look like to you? Is it boldness, fearlessness, or tenacity? Well, maybe. But confidence is also about facing your fears, feeling insecure, and unsure about yourself at times. What makes you confident is the will to keep moving forward despite the fear, knowing that you are enough, and maintaining your standards regardless of how vulnerable and unsure you may feel. That’s what makes a woman confident and ...
A Grateful Heart, Love Your Body, Style Your Soul, True Beauty

Inner Beauty

A beautiful face will age and a perfect body will change but a beautiful soul will always be a beautiful soul… There’s just something about a woman who is beautiful on the outside yet kind and loving on the inside. She’s rare, she’s special, and yes, beautiful. I think it’s so important to be kind on the inside because it radiates on the outside. I hope that you’re not one hundred percent invested in ...
A Grateful Heart, Love Your Body, Style Your Soul, True Beauty

Miss Moving On

  It’s not easy moving on and dealing with a broken heart. In fact, it can be a little scary. I’ve been there wondering what to do in order to mend a broken heart. There’s no magic pill to take, no quick fix, and no cure for when you feel broken. You might feel vulnerable, lonely, or alone but deep down there is a bit of hope knowing that although the relationship wasn’t meant to be for you, another one or ...