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Good In & Good Out With Shantiva

Wellness is such an important aspect for our mental, physical, and emotional health. That’s why I’m so excited to share this beautiful copper water pitcher from Shantiva! I’m a firm believer that when you put good and healthy foods and water inside your body, it reflects on the outside. What I love about the copper pitcher is that it naturally alkaline(s) the water. It’s so amazing and there are so many wonderful benefits to drinking water from a copper pitcher.

First off, you’re able to stay hydrated the ayurvedic way. Drinking water stored in a copper pitcher infuses the water with positive health properties of copper and this helps to balance your body’s pH levels. Also, copper is an anti-bacterial, acts as an anti-oxidant, prevents aging, eliminates toxins, and improves immunity. Yay!! Also, how beautiful is this pitcher! The cleaning is super simple and it will naturally age beautifully over time. Love and nourish your body with this beautiful copper water pitcher!



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