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Perfectly Imperfect


Our bodies are perfectly imperfect. I’m sure you’ve see models in magazines and thought, “wow, she has the perfect body”, or “I wish my body looked like hers.” First off, those images are photo-shopped! Have you ever seen a model in a magazine with stretch marks, cellulite, or wrinkles? Probably not. That is one of the reasons why I chose to photograph myself in a bikini. As you can see, I have stretch marks, I have cellulite, and I have wrinkles. My body is perfectly imperfect and I’m so proud of it. I’ve worked hard for this body and my body has worked hard for me. That is why I love it. I love my body for what it means to me, not based on how it looks.

Do you love your body for what it means to you or for how it looks? More importantly, do you hate your body for how it looks or do you appreciate your body for all that it has done for you? Those are really important questions for you to answer. You need to love your body, right now, as is. You may need to get into shape, lose weight, or eat healthier and there’s noting wrong with that. But loving and accepting your body exactly for what it is will help set your spirit free. Unconditionally loving yourself and your body nourishes your soul. That way, when life happens and you gain weight, have a baby, grow older, lose your curves, get cellulite, wrinkles, or stretch marks, that enduring love for your body will out weigh any conditions society tries to set for what or how your body should look.


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    November 8, 2017 at 4:19 am

    Absolutely true Shaun Yvette. Our bodies will take care of us ( do what they are meant to do) if we take care of it. We only have one body and that’s it so love it, give it rest and work it out; treat it with love and respect. Our bodies are ours and we are responsible for it. If you give it what it needs, keep it in tune, hydrate it and feed it good nutritional foods it will take care of you as you are. You have a great body and shape Shaun Yvette. Kudos.

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