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Reflections of A Woman



As women, we must love ourselves. And loving ourselves involves identifying the good, the bad, and the ugly of who we are. It’s not always easy to address our issues but it is necessary to address them so that we can become our best selves. Three key aspects of loving yourself means accepting yourself unconditionally, forgiving those who may have harmed you, and choosing happiness despite your circumstances.

I always try to remind myself that we get one life. This is not your practice life and all we have is each moment within the moment. That’s why it is so important to love yourself NOW. It is so important to forgive and move forward with your life and it is imperative to choose happiness regardless of what your situation may be or look like. I understand that it’s not always easy but you deserve to live a happy life and you deserve the love you so freely give to others. I would love for you to make a list of how you can love yourself better, who you need to forgive, and write down three good things in your life. Once written, you should post them so you can see how special you are. Remember that perspective in life is key and it all starts in your mind. The reflection of how you love yourself will radiate without. Be a reflection of a woman that respects herself, likes herself, and a woman that loves herself.



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