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Self Love, Self Respect, & Self Worth

It’s Wellness Wednesday babes and I want to discuss the topic of love. I’m talking about self-love and its importance. The love that you should have for yourself needs to be unconditional. That way, when trial and tribulations occur in life, you will have a strong foundation and be secure within yourself to carry you through those difficult times.

There’s a reason why self-love, self-respect, self-value, and self-worth all start with the word self. You cannot find them in anyone else. Allow the love that you have for yourself to nurture who you are as a person and guide you when you feel lost and alone. I believe that self-love is like a muscle that you’re trying to gain. You must strengthen it, train it, and build it to be strong and flexible. That is why you must love yourself, know your worth (and add taxes), and keep your standards high in your life and your relationships.


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