Love Your Body

Strong, Fierce, & Beautiful


Did you know that you are fierce, strong, and beautiful? Or that your body is fierce, strong, and beautiful? I don’t care what your body looks like, how tall, short, thin, thick, curvaceous, not curvaceous, have cellulite, stretch marks, rolls, small breasts, big breasts, large booty, tiny booty,  have scars or not! You and your body are fierce, strong, and beautiful regardless of what it looks like.

As you can see from the photos, my body is not perfect but it’s mine and that’s what makes it special. That’s what makes yours special as well. You don’t have to look a certain way just to appreciate what your body has to offer you. Even if you want to make changes, know that right now, at this moment, you are fierce, strong, and beautiful. Know that you are beautiful regardless of how your body looks and know that you’re worth comes from who you are and not what you look like.


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