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Strong Is The New Pretty

I’m a strong girl AND I love being told how pretty I am. I think that those are two compliments that I will never get tired of hearing. It’s so important to be a strong woman. Because strong is pretty, strong is beautiful, strong is intelligent, and strong is also flawed. I’ve been through my fair share of trials and tribulations and I’ve always come out the other side better, stronger, and more resilient.

I read once that, “change is inevitable, growth is optional.” Well ain’t that the truth. You can either allow trials and tribulations to make you better or bitter. You can also allow them to break you or make you stronger, tougher, and more daring than you were before. I know that it is easier said than done but the woman you’re becoming needs for you to be strong right now. She needs for you to fight for her, she needs for you to be brave, and she needs for you to lay a foundation of happiness and wellness. There is so much beauty in being a strong woman. Be fearless, be bold, be beautiful, be pretty, be strong.


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