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The Untamed Heart


To be untamed means to be wild, free, undomesticated, and unbroken. I think it’s so important to keep our hearts free, open, and loving. Because of trials and tribulations in life, our hearts can become hardened, cold, and bitter towards ourselves and others. We dim the light that comes from within because of disappointment, struggle, and fear. But it’s so important to keep your heart open. When you do that, you allow for love to flow within you and out to others. You keep a piece of innocence and vulnerability within you that life circumstances cannot take away. Keeping your heart open, wild, and free is a mark of natural beauty that comes from within.

I believe that when you keep your heart untamed, that is a sign of maturity, inner peace, and inner beauty. Have you ever been around someone who is always mean, cold, or angry? Well there’s a saying, hurt people, hurt people and sadly, it’s true. They’ve allowed their hurt to turn their hearts ugly and bitter which then permeates to their surroundings. I implore and encourage you not to be this person. Make the decision within your heart and within your spirit to keep your heart open. Open to receive love, open to give love, and more importantly, open to loving yourself regardless of your circumstances. Your heart deserves that love and you deserve it even more. Keep your heart untamed.


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