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You And You

There’s you and you. The most important relationship you will ever have. Have you really ever put much thought into that? You loving yourself is so imperative to your well being and I don’t think we truly love and appreciate ourselves the way in which we should. So let’s talk about you and you. Let’s talk about how vital and significant it is to love you.

You are the beholder of your own happiness, you set the tone of how you want your life to be, you allow people to treat you badly or kindly, you either respect yourself or you don’t, you either embrace your body or you tear yourself down, you set the standard for how others treat you, and you, my dear, either love yourself or you don’t. There’s no gray areas to you and you, you are either enough or you are not. Period. It all comes back to you. It’s all about you.

So it’s just you babe. How do you feel about yourself? Do you need to step your game up and finally give yourself the love you deserve? Do you need to get out of an emotionally, physically, or verbally abusive relationship? Do you need to step letting men treat you like a lunch-able instead of a full course meal? Come on now. Be honest with yourself. There’s you and you and you know the truth.


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