A Grateful Heart, Style Your Soul, True Beauty

You Can Spring From Something Hard & Turn Beautiful

I had a very rough start in life. I was born to a mother and father that were schizophrenic and could not physically, mentally, and emotionally care for me. Due to their instability, the hospital refused to allow them to take me home. My parents felt that giving me up for adoption was the best choice and I became an orphan for a brief time. I was legally adopted into a family when I was three months old. From there my childhood had many ups and downs because of the abuse I suffered from my adopted mother. She was mentally, verbally, emotionally, and at times physically abusive. I felt extremely unloved, unworthy, and lost growing up. I came from a broken place.

I did not, however, allow the brokenness to define me. I did not allow my past to determine my future and I chose not to be a victim. You can go through darkness and still find the light. You can spring from something hard and turn beautiful. The choice is always yours. I went through a deep depression, was anxiety ridden, and attempted suicide because I was so overwhelmed and in despair. I had to fight my way through and the woman that I am today is so grateful that I did. Don’t ever give up on yourself. Know that you deserve love, you deserve happiness, and you deserve to be the light that you’ve always been seeking.




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